I strongly supported the message behind the EDL. To stop any Sharia law enforcing activity, To stop Any Muslim extremism, hate and segregation from their community towards soldiers, women, non believers and children. The grooming gangs, the terrorists, the Muslims who believe their ‘rules’ are the only to abide by, and to ignore out government and social morals are what I did, and still do have an issue with. I grew up in south east London were this kind if activity is rife. Gangs seem to use the activity of Mohammed the gangster as a reason to act the way they do, an excuse, almost. In their eyes stabbing someone, robbing someone, rapping someone and acting like a all round thug was justified because they were Muslim. I’ve watched many people’s lives torn appart because of Islam. By 15 3 people I knew were killed because of Islam, either because they acted like Mohammed and got their comeuppance, or because they confronted a Muslim. I was targeted at 16 by two Muslim men, buying me everything I wanted in hope that I would return the favour. Fortunately, my parents saw though them before I made any mistakes. They made me burn everything they bought me, moved me away from the area and “sorted” them out. 

I started supporting the edl in 2012. It was a quiet support, as my family are built up of different ethnicities along with my social circle, but when lee rigby was murdered by two men who I knew of from gangs in south London, enough was enough. I destroyed alot of friendships, people I thought were friends made excuses for them to save themselves from persecution from the gangs they were involved in. I had to delete Facebook as I experienced so much hate from people I grew up with for openly condemning what they did to the poor man and supporting the EDL. 

I constantly from that day tried to justify the EDL to family and friends. “They’re not racist” I’d say. “They don’t hate all Muslims, just the extreme ones” but as time went on, I experienced hate from other members when I openly announced that I was a traveller “filthy pikeys” was a common one, I would ignore it and understood that it was only a few that acted that way. Or so I presumed. I watched as people openly made racial remarks, more and more supporters seemed to think this was perfectly ok. OFCOURSE, racism works both ways and I HATE the social deconstruction of anything ‘white’ or ‘English working class’ but if you’re trying to make that statement, acting like they do isn’t going help the argument. 

I never went to a demo, I work and have a child, my friends won’t go with me in fear of racism towards them either. Over the last few days, I’ve seen people persecute those who don’t demo. Saying they’re not ‘real’ EDL. I have removed trolls from the network, I have received death threats for protecting them. Lost friends for supporting them and been called every name under the sun for protecting them, yet I’m not real EDL? Turning up to a demo and shouting “Allah was a peado” doesn’t make THEM real EDL in my eyes. Firstly, they obviously have no education on Islam. Allah wasn’t a peado. The messenger Mohammed was. Also, how is chanting that going to gain support? Its not. Its probably just putting the fear of Christ into people walking past. Grown men shouting? No. That’s not how to deal with an issue that is not only religious, but militant and political. 

Yesterday I openly said this, I knew I would be persecuted for it. Not to this extent though. I put the issues out there, that racism is going on in the EDL. That segregation, vilification of all Muslims and lack of education is a big problem. I Strongly believe that there a a few supporters who have no idea what they are supporting. They know nothing on Islam, They just go around chanting racial hatred And going to get pissed up and fight. There needs to be a Tighter run Movement, That doesn’t just condemn Nazis, But exposes and removes them. There needs to be more education and less Arguments Towards the left. Whether people like it or not, Islam is political I’m the only way to target and tackle the issues within Islam Is through a political movement, a political strategy, Not standing on street corners chanting that Allah is a paedophile. The base, yesterday I was targeted by a large amount of EDL supporters, I gained a lot of support however numbers that we call leftists, Which shows something doesn’t it? It shows that the majority of the UK agree that there are problems within Islam But don’t want to support the EDL because Of those who Act like hooligans, Have no education on Islam and The nazism racism and segregation That goes on. Whether people like it or not the Edl needs to be run more tightly, And anyone who thinks socially unacceptable behaviour and hate Is Okay needs to be removed. Yes we will probably loose Some support from those hooligans, however I strongly believe that we will gain a huge amount of support From those who currently condemn us. 

Until that time, I will no longer be part of the EDL. There were many reasons because of this, One being the persecution i experienced last night, two the lack of political movement, and three Build a lack of condemning Towards those who think acting like a thug is okay. 
I was told by surprisingly quite a few people last night but not only should I leave edl, But also quite a lot agree with me. 

I have lost A lot for the EDL friends that I have had from many many years, I feel uncomfortable walking around certain areas by my own with my children because of the experiences I had defending the EDL. This isn’t the Edl’s fault this is the fault of people who don’t understand. However it is the EDLs fault for the lack of support I have received the supporting them. 

I do not have an issue with the whole Muslim community, I do not have an issue with any other races, I do not have an issue with Jewish people, Hindus, Sikhs, Christians. I have an issue with the way society has become, And the truth is it has become like this because the government fail to see and fail to act On the actions of a few Muslims who have made a lot of communities uncomfortable.  I don’t know how many times I have to say this but the only way to change the way things are going Is through a political and NON racial hatred movement. Balance to be some kind of membership process, some kind of fishing out Nazi process, No segregation to people who believe in their beliefs, No segregation to followers of different races different areas and different communities. Just a clear message, tackling those who destroy our communities, extremists, hate preachers,  sharia law enforcers.  The Burka is not actually a religious symbol, it is part of sharia law. Hatred towards our soldiers isn’t acceptable, FGM isn’t acceptable, Sexism, homophobia, Hatred towards nonbelievers and people of other faiths, is not acceptable. That is the issue, not all Muslims are like this we need to get that message out there, maybe then the good Muslims will help us in defeating the bad Muslims. However all the time we have people in the Edl who are  uneducated, Racist, Hateful and Unlawful, We aren’t going to get anywhere, and shouting ‘we don’t accept people like this’ at a demo isn’t going to change sweet fuck all.