What the hell is going on in this country? Freedom of speech and the right to peacefully protest are being taken away slowly under our very noses. Multiculturalism is promoted as acceptable and the way forward, regardless of what actually happens on the streets. Just look at India/Pakistan, the former Yugoslavia in Europe to see what happens. David Cameron says its the British people that should integrate with Islam not the other way round(See pic below). To claim Islam is not a problem and is a peaceful religion and only being twisted by a few individuals is as absurd as saying Nazism was a charter for child carers! Time and again we switch on our tv’s, radios, pick up a newspaper and see for our selves the death and destruction Islam causes around the globe and yet western leaders still remain resolute in their calls for the public to accept this lie! A quick look through the Quran itself gives you a taste of what Islam is really about! And yet we’re the ones who are supposed to adapt to it? Centuries of civilization are supposed to be thrown away in favor of taking in Islam and what it really is and does to the nations its allowed to fester in! Afghanistan is another prime example of how repressive and damaging true islam can be to a nation(see pic below). From a progressive free thinking society in the 1970’s to executing women with a Kalashnikov rifle in a football stadium in the 1990’s (see pic). How is this a peaceful religion? How is it tolerant? And why should it be accepted in western civilization? Women who are raped in Islamic states face persecution and punishment for being the victim of the most vilest of crimes (see pic). How is it even classed as a religion in the 21st century? What God would want this sort of abuse to be done in His name? Islam, founded 1400 years ago, has been on a brutal and savage campaign of war (see pic below)and oppression ever since and yet we are being sold the line that it is a peaceful religion. That moderate muslims are the true face of Islam and not these ‘few’ extremists. Well I for one am not buying this bullshit anymore. In Nazi Germany not all Nazi’s worked in the death camps. Some were bakers, school teachers, shop keepers etc.. It made the lie more believable, it made fooling the rest of the globe easier. Make no mistake Islam is just as evil and totalitarian as Nazism was!
Islamic states allow young girls to be married off at a ridiculously young age (see pic). Women are stoned to death ( yes stoned!) for being raped!(See pic) And yet we’re being told to embrace its message and to be more tolerant. That somehow its been usurped by a handful of radicals for their own gain. This is nonsense, a lie, manufactured by politicians and leftards to forward their own agenda and continued support for a multicultural society. Cultural genocide of native western civilizations is happening today, in our time, to our nations! Being sacrificed in favor of an anti-Semitic barbaric ideology. As an atheist I find this doubly appalling, firstly because I do not want to be ruled over by any religion and secondly because there are other more peaceful, tolerant religions, that people can choose to follow if they so wish. England and western civilization in general is, after all, Christian.
As some of you who have read my previous posts or follow me on twitter (mrobbo1971) you will know I am an EDL supporter and continue on a daily basis to expose Islam for what it is and argue daily with Leftards and Muslims alike on what Islam is. Their defense ranges from puerile insults and accusations of me being a racist to comparing ancient Christian crusades as justification to Islams naked aggression to western countries. None of these claims are true of course and are never backed up with facts or evidence. Islams aggression into western civilisation is easily chartered however (see pic). Not once have I been offered any explanation for the barbaric acts perpetrated daily in the name of Islam. Not once have I been offered a valid excuse for the countless wars Islamic jihadists start across the world in their pursuit of global domination. And yet despite all Islams violence, oppression of women, rape culture anti-semitism and homophobia it is the EDL that certain people are calling for to be banned! The EDL who only exist to highlight the depravity of Islam. A simple street protest group with no political agenda or ulterior motive other than exposing Islamic teachings. Some have even called for it to be classed as a terrorist organisation, putting them on par with the IRA or Al’qaeda! How ludicrous and absurd are these people? To try to class a few acts of drunken hooliganism as terrorist acts is just pathetic. In no way are the EDL on the same par as the real terrorist threats this country and most of the globe face on a daily basis from Islamic jihadists the same thing. I doubt there are many countries who have not been affected by terrorism carried out in the name of Islam. Instead of attempting to smear EDL supporters and ban their rallies the powers that be should be focusing on the real threat and hate evident to see at most islamic protests (see pic). Compare what the EDL say and do at their protests (see pic) to what Islamist do at theirs (see pic). The comparison is ridiculous. In no way are the EDL as dangerous as these people. They (Islamists) follow a twisted ideology bent on global domination and the enforcing of Shariah law. The EDL campaign to highlight and expose it. The differences could not be more stark. Calling for a ban on EDL as an organisation is just another step in the direction of fascism. Exactly what Islam is in essence. A fascist totalitarian ideology wishing to control every aspect of peoples lives through shariah law. The EDL in comparison only want people to see Islam for what it truly is.