I am a right wing racist fascist! What?? I hear you say, that’s an outrageous stance to admit to! I should be burnt at the stake, pilloried by my community and banished from society. My lineage should be wiped out and any and all reference to my name should be expunged from the annals of history. But wait, don’t you want to know how I know this? How did I come to this conclusion? Well I didn’t, I was told this. In fact I have been told this a number of times recently. Ever since I voiced an opinion on extremist Islam on twitter I have been regularly accused of it. I, like others, who share this opinion are often labelled with it. Accused of it by faceless, anonymous accounts usually. Falsely and with no evidence by people who claim to have “the moral high ground”. The same people who feel its their “moral duty” to point out that the women who take a stance against Islam are nothing more than whores and sluts who should be gang raped and murdered! Who are these people? Well, they are the “left wing” an amalgamation of socialists, liberals and violent anarchists, (ironically these last would be the first to be shoved against a wall and shot should they get their way and do away with the democracy they claim to hate) or, as I will be referring to them from now, “leftards”. Self righteous and morally corrupt bigots who feel this country (UK) and pretty much any western society should spend all its efforts in apologising for what past governments did. Open border policies, unlimited access to health care and welfare for immigrants, regardless of the already over stretched budgets of these facilities. Its their “human right” to have a better life they will say (in between telling you yours don’t matter). The rights of their perceived victim are far more important than “privileged whitey’s” who they hate so much. Their own self loathing is clear to see. Present them with statistics proving the burden and they will deflect or in most cases totally refute them without offering any evidence to support their counter argument other than their own sycophantic ideas. Many an argument I have had with them would go something along those lines, as I’m sure many of yours have too (unless of course your a leftard). Attending street protests they enjoy nothing more than a good chorus of “You’re racist” and “you’re a fascist” or “If it wasn’t for the coppers you’d be dead” they will shout at you, screaming it at the top of their sanctimonious lungs, foaming at the mouth like rabid dogs whilst hurling a bottle of piss at you and in some cases kicking your head in (if your a woman or defenceless old man, anti fascism, apparently, doesn’t discriminate). The irony of their fascist actions in not allowing you your opinion, regardless of how loathsome it may be to them, is clearly lost on them. Ask them to explain how voicing an opinion on a religion is racism and you will be ignored at best but more likely insulted and presented with evidence of Christian crusades(???) from centuries ago, your grammar criticised and then blocked (twitter). Like this has somehow proven their point. I imagine them sitting back at this point patting themselves on the back for again tackling the evils of racism,and grammar (from the safety of their keyboard) taking another swig of gin, lighting a ‘Rothmans’ and moving on to their next trolling victim.
Sexism is another of their cause’s they try to champion. Fair enough, you may say, what’s wrong with highlighting that? Nothing, nothing at all. However, I have witnessed so much sexist abuse levelled at female critics of Islam by these same people that again they show their stupidity and hypocrisy. It would seem that its fair to say that as they’re self righteously typing their disgusting insults to these women (who in my opinion have more to lose in not exposing Islam for its anti womens rights than most) that they forget they are the ones who claim to be the “moral guardians”. In my opinion its morally wrong to threaten rape on women and children or wishing death upon them regardless if its only on social media sites. Where is their moral outrage when you point out rape victims get punished in Islamic states? Where is their moral outrage when 12 year old girls are married off to perverted old men? Where is their moral outrage when homosexuals are persecuted? It all seems to evaporate in their frenzy to condemn and terrorise. I say frenzy because that’s what it is in most cases. I’ve seen it myself, as I’m sure you have, many a time, when one woman will be quite literally under verbal attack by four or five leftards at a time. Insulting her, her children her heritage. Anything and everything seem to be fair game to them in their pursuit to either silence or break the woman they are abusing! Fortunately a particular woman I have in mind is strong enough to handle these trolls and give as good as she gets without lowering herself to their disgusting level. If your reading this, @VixxyLix and I hope you are, I and all other EDL members have nothing but huge respect and admiration for you and your tireless efforts and stoic resolve you show on a daily basis!
So what’s to be done about them? Should we meet their claims with the same puerile insults? Should we hunt them down and kick some sense into them? (Tempting). Or should we join together in laughing at their attempts to discredit, dismiss and deflect our points? Laugh with me at their ridiculous justification for Islams violence. Laugh with me at their attempts to justify Islams paedophilia by re-branding it as hebephilia. Laugh at them as they try to ridicule the way we dress whilst they parade around in socks and sandals, laugh as they try to insult our women as they offer beard and moustache trimming advice to their women. Engage them in debate, by all means try to change their stereotypical view of us. Remember its not racism to criticise Islam, its not fascism to have and opinion, it is fascism however to try to silence others from having one. But above all else remember to laugh at them! Laugh at them till you have tears in your eyes and cramps in your abs’.